Cycle 1 Activity 3: Paul Dalgety – Player Stories

Last week we outlined many of the important rules and relationships between characters, enemies, and game objects. This week the goal was to identify player stories in gameplay. To get a better understanding of player stories the first thing needed to be identified are some of the possible actions of the player.

  • Flying
  • Shooting
  • Dodging
  • Attacking
  • Analyzing

Playing as a spaceship I will fly left to right to dodge attacks from enemies.

Playing as a spaceship I will shoot enemies to earn points.

  • As a player, I must analyze shooting patterns and avoid the enemy shots.
  • As a player, I must shoot enemies of the correct colour to destroy them.
  • As a player, I must analyze the spawn patterns of the enemy to have the best performance.
  • As a player, I want to achieve the highest score I can.
  • As a player, I want to last as long as possible.
  • As a player, I want to destroy ships as fast as possible so I’m not overrun by enemies.
  • As a player, I want to try to be alive as long as possible.
  • As a player, I want to attack when I am in a safe area.

These player stories are made to align with our PX goals in mind and as a group we tried to maintain that throughout the activities.


Cycle 1 (SHMUP) Activity 2: Game Objects and Rules

The table of the objects found in our games (Download here) details the elements in the game world and the reason they are found in the game along with their specific attributes, the relationships with other objects and the rules that are connected to them.

Our list of objects is small with only the player, the enemies and there respective projectiles as we decided in the studio to focus on a smaller number of elements in the game, fully functioning and implemented with relation to each other and the player experience goals (Discussed in Activity 1). This means that the number of objects is small but no elements are redundant or overpowered leaving we feel a more balanced and fun game that better aligns with our player experience goals.