Cycle 2, Activity 1: PX Goals – Paul Dalgety

The player experiences goals for cycle two were something that Studio 11 wanted to be sure of before delving into the game itself. After some discussion between ourselves as well as studio 12 on our table we had found a story that in the Brisbane times that related to a fight outside of a kebab store. We decided this would be an interesting route to take our fps cycle. Moving on from our previous game cycle that was more based around a nostalgic and visual feel, we decided we wanted to do something fast paced. Between the group there were discussions between weapons or fists, there was a split but we put it down to creative differences and decided on the following PX goals.

Cognitive: Players must identify where they are able to run to get away from the enemy but at the same time doing damage.

Physical: The player must use speed to navigate the arena and get through the enemies.

Physical: The player must use accuracy and good reflexes to destroy the enemies.

We as a studio feel like these are the most important aspects of a fast paced fps and for our games purposes we need to fulfill these PX goals to create an experience that they player can enjoy.