Cycle 3 Activity 7: Playtest Report – Paul Dalgety

My form of play test analysis was observing the testers playing for all 3 of them, asking them to verbally make note of things they find interesting or odd and then for the 2 colleague/experienced testers I did a post play interview. I thought using the person who was a bit less experienced wouldn’t have a very impactful result with an interview post play so decided to leave it out. The focus goals of the sessions were:

  • Player interaction with controls.
  • Visually appealing level design.
  • Are objectives clear.

In the second lot of testing on the less experienced tester the goals were:

  • Game difficulty
  • Objectives are clear.
  • Tester understands the setting for the game.

After observing the players navigate through the game I made note of some of the changes I thought may need to be made for a more successful game.

Improvements made based on play test sessions:

  1. The jumping was a bit precarious in some areas so I need to move around the level to make sure the jumps could be more easily made as players were more often unsuccessful in making the jumps.
  2. Jumping height was changed a few times because of the changes in the level design as well.
  3. The first level was changed to a bit more of a tutorial level so that the players can understand more clearly the objectives of the game.

Below is a link to the play test session documents.

Play test 1 – Colleague

Play test 2 – Experienced player

Play test 3 – Less experienced player


Cycle 3, Activity 6: Play Test Plan – Paul Dalgety

The play test plan for cycle 3 can be found here. There is a play test plan for our target audience Sally and then also one for our other testers who will provide a broader scope of details.

Our focus for the design was Sally:

• Age: 21

• Gaming Background:

– First game: Warcraft 3

– Current favourite game: SIMS 4

– Likes PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds

– Mobile games: Two Dots, 1010!, Pocket planes

– Does admit to playing Kim Kardashian game

• Gameplay experience

– Has been playing games since she was 10

– Plays approximately 1 hour per day

Sally has always seen herself as a gamer and started fairly early on in her life. She has around 11 years of gaming experience and still play approximately 1 hour each day. For this cycle we wanted to make a game that could be enjoyed in short spurts as Sally doesn’t sit down and play hours for hours on end.