Cycle 3 Contribution Post

The following assets can be located at the following URLS or attributed to these persons:

As we have in each cycle, Joel and I had discussions about ideas but as we are doing a 2d and a 2.5d game we haven’t really shared anything other than ideas this cycle.

Platform movement code – HTTP://

Skybox – RKDNightSoundGames

Army Car – IGIIID

Airforce Plane – walterlima3d

Fires – Digital Ruby (Jeff Johnson)

Walls with Vines – bitsong

Sniper Rifle – Sagh

Exit Door –DNK_DEV

Skeleton – Polygon Blacksmith

Abandoned Buildings – Aleksey KozhemyakinLowlyPoly

Audio – BitsAlive Game StudiosDaniel Kole Productions


Paul Dalgety: FPS Contribution Post

The assets used in the game were from the asset store. Credit for the assets go to:

Nobiax/Yughues – For the pavement and road.

LowlyPoly – Urban style buildings.

Shogun – Credit for the players gun.

CodeREC – Main Menu features.

HONETi – The enemy character model.

Chibola Productions – The use of their audio loops.

Unity Technologies – Sample UI pack.

Between studio members code was also discussed and implemented into the project for a better feel or way of doing something that was different than the tutorial videos.

Paul Dalgety: SHMUP Contribution Post

The assets used in the game were from the asset store. The code used for the game was a mix of code from the practical videos on blackboard mixed with code examples from the Unity forums as well as StackOverflow forum advice. Joel also assisted with the enemy spawning code. Ability to talk to Joel in regards to the code was extremely useful and much more adaptive to the game than some other sources.