Tu Thanh Nguyen Prototype

Here is the link to my prototype:



Cycle Activity 7: Tu Thanh Nguyen – Play Testing


Unfortunately, my prototype was still in the incomplete stage, I was not able to work out the code that should be done by the time when the playtesting session started. This is the reason why I am not satisfied at all with my prototype, nevertheless, the playtesting section must be done.

The way I tested my prototype was about asking questions, taking notes about how do I improve my game better and what ideas should I use to make people play my game.

3 Documents of notes that I wrote from the 3 participants are down below.

tester 1
tester 2
tester 3


Cycle 1, Acivity 6: Playtest Plan

The playtest plan below has included overall approach, 3 session goals that we are trying to achieve and the method of what we will use. We are putting a lot of efforts to make sure the playtesting session will go as planned since it will take a huge part of our reports and final analysis. We also ensure that our prototypes will be done and playable for the participants by the time.


Cycle 1 (SHMUP), Activity 1: PX Goals.

Our studio 11 has officially started doing our first assignment which is Shoot’ em Up with 3 team members – Paul, Joel & Tu.
Developing player experience goals was our first studio’s activity during the workshop where we were required to define our player experience goals and also come up with some ideas of how to make a game based on that. We watched 3 recommended gameplay walkthrough videos on blackboard (3 different games with completely different themes and settings):
– Game 1: creative & artistic
– Game 2: sci-fic & face pace
– Game 3: playful & colourful graphics
For the player experience goals, we all wanted to make a game that can bring joy, happiness and the fun to the players that will play our games.
We all got a brief idea of how our games are going to be, as well as we came up with the game idea individually.
Paul’s idea: A ship (player) is confronted by enemies that are different colours. Player must switch gun colours to correlate with the enemies they are shooting at.
Joe’s idea: Fast paced shooter with colourful setting. Using emoji to make the game looks fun and friendly.
Tu’s idea: Meteorites are on the way to attack the Earth. Player controls unicorn to protect the humanity and Earth by shooting rockets at the meteorites.
We decided to choose the best idea to be our game concept by week 2, so we can make more plans and give our ideas more thoughts into it.