Cycle 3 Activity 5 – Interactivity and Choice

A diagram of the choices available to the player branching down from winning the game to smaller decisions is attached here:

For the action of killing the enemy:

Choices available:

Not many choices available – timing when to attack There are only a few choices available to defeat an enemy as combat in our game was designated as an extra feature not the focus of the game. The only real choice available is when the player chooses to engage the enemy.

How the UI conveys these choices:

The enemy moves in a specific pattern. The player can notice this pattern and choose to attack when the enemy is moving away from the player or attack quickly to keep moving

Actions available:

Due to the nature of a side scrolling game the only action available when fighting an enemy is to attack.

The game worlds response to the player’s choice:

The game world responds to the player’s decisions through the enemy who will react to the player’s choice.

Feedback to the player

When the player is successful the enemy is defeated and changes visually to reflect that.

A storyboard detailing this decision is attached here:

For the action of moving past a platform:

Choices available:

As the game is a side scroller the choices available to navigate past a platform are to move or to wait.

How the UI conveys these choices:

These choices are conveyed through the UI by design of the platforms themselves. Moving platforms will naturally suggest the player jump while long flat platforms imply moving forward. Other visual and audio cues denote when an obstacle will pass to suggest the player wait.

Actions available:

The player has the ability to move left, right, jump or take no action based on their choice.

The game worlds response to the player’s choice:

For the platforms the game world does not respond to the player. This was deliberately chosen so as to encourage the player to recognise patterns and timing to naturally improve their ability to pass platforms as the game goes on and more platforms are created.

Feedback to the player

For the task of moving past a platform feedback to the player is instantaneous as the camera and the player avatar move along the platform and eventually when the challenge of passing the platform is completed the platform disappears from view.


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