Cycle 3 Activity 3 – Player Stories

(Note: This activity was set to be written by Two Nguyen however he has dropped out of this unit. As player stories are referenced in later tasks the decision was made to include the activity as worked on in the relevant workshop)

The player attempts to bring home their fallen friends after a war. This is achieved by avoiding / defeating various obstacles. The challenge in this game stems from the various environmental obstacles and the emotional weight of a survivor honouring his dead friends. The setting for the game will be a mostly abandoned war zone.

Player Stories:

  1. Playing a soldier, the player will defeat enemy combatants through melee combat to progress through the level
  2. As a friend, the player will traverse the hostile environment to find their friends.
  3. As a friend, the player will collect the bodies of their fallen friends to honour their sacrifice during the war
  4. The player will jump over obstacles to reach the end of the level without dying
  5. The player will move with specific timing to pass moving obstacles without dying
  6. The player will adjust their movements with the type of platform they are on to work against the platforms movement
  7. The player will plan their movements based on visual and audio cues to be prepared for the type of challenge ahead
  8. The player will increase their focus on the game as each level progresses in difficulty
  9. The player will feel for their character as they fight for their friends
  10. As a soldier, the player time their engagements with the enemy to take as little damage as possible

3 most relevant to the target audience:

3: The theme of friendship is relevant to the target audience as in a persons early 20’s friendships are changed dramatically as friends move and pursue different goals. The idea of honouring friends who have been lost is therefore something the target audience should have some level of emotional connection with.

1: As the target audience is said to have enjoyed World of Warcraft and Players Unknown Battlegrounds the idea of a melee combat game should feel familiar and enticing to the target audience

7: The target audiences enjoyment of Players Unknown Battlegrounds suggests an enjoyment of studying the game world for clues what style of game play proceed with making it an element worth incorporating into our game.


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