Cycle 3 Activity 1 – Player Experience Goals

Target Audience: Sally

Age: 21

Gaming Background:

First game: Warcraft 3

Current favourite game: SIMS 4

Likes PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds

Mobile games: Two Dots, 1010!, Pocket planes

Does admit to playing Kim Kardashian game

Gameplay experience:

Has been playing games since she was 10

Plays approximately 1 hour per day

We choose to develop a game for the hypothetical character of Sally as from the 4 available personas as had an enjoyment of a broad style of games and was a good medium between pro and casual gamer allowing for us to implement more challenging gameplay mechanics and themes without having to go as detailed if creating for a hardcore gamer who spends several hours at a time.

Big theme / Idea

For the side scroller game we chose the big themes of heroism and friendship

3 initial player experience goals

Players will experience a sense of Sadness designed to bring about deeper thought on the big theme – This goal was suggested as it uses a small game to impart a larger meaning acting as an reflection to the Kim Kardashian mobile game.

Players will experience a sense of excitement as the overcome obstacles within the game to feel more fulfilled when the reach their goal –This goal was suggested as it creates a world for the player where you slowly build upon basic skills to perform complex actions much like world building in the sims series.

Players will experience a sense of dread from analysing the game world and its suggestions of the challenges to come – This goal was suggested as ties to the target audiences enjoyment of world of warcraft. The idea is to use visual and audio clues to prepare the player for the challange ahead much like the design of areas before a raid in World of Warcraft hinting at the style of gameplay and challenge to come.

2 game ideas – how they fit the big idea

A good / evil style game where the player switches between a dark and light world to save a friend from evil – The game would be about self-sacrifice / going through evil world to save friend. This has a thematic connection to players unknown battleground where you can fight for yourself and a people you are working with.

A soldier collecting his fallen friends bodies during war. The game is about about honouring friends memory. As the target audience is 21 years old friendships will be changing as people drift apart so the theme of staying with your friends even at difficult times will be relevant.

Final PX goal for game

Players will experience a sense of Sadness designed to bring about deeper thought on the big theme. This PX goal focuses on emotional, physical and cognitive types.

Emotional – creating a feeling of sadness for the player character who risks his life to honour his friends

Physical – avoiding environmental hazards and defeating enemies

Cognitive – Interpreting visual and audio cues to prepare for the next section accordingly

For the final 2 candidates for our game idea this PX goal creates a bridge between the core gameplay (changing between good and evil or collecting fallen friends) and the theme of friendship and heroism.



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