Cycle 3 Contribution Post

The following assets can be located at the following URLS or attributed to these persons:

As we have in each cycle, Joel and I had discussions about ideas but as we are doing a 2d and a 2.5d game we haven’t really shared anything other than ideas this cycle.

Platform movement code – HTTP://

Skybox – RKDNightSoundGames

Army Car – IGIIID

Airforce Plane – walterlima3d

Fires – Digital Ruby (Jeff Johnson)

Walls with Vines – bitsong

Sniper Rifle – Sagh

Exit Door –DNK_DEV

Skeleton – Polygon Blacksmith

Abandoned Buildings – Aleksey KozhemyakinLowlyPoly

Audio – BitsAlive Game StudiosDaniel Kole Productions


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