Cycle 3, Activity 6: Play Test Plan – Paul Dalgety

The play test plan for cycle 3 can be found here. There is a play test plan for our target audience Sally and then also one for our other testers who will provide a broader scope of details.

Our focus for the design was Sally:

• Age: 21

• Gaming Background:

– First game: Warcraft 3

– Current favourite game: SIMS 4

– Likes PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds

– Mobile games: Two Dots, 1010!, Pocket planes

– Does admit to playing Kim Kardashian game

• Gameplay experience

– Has been playing games since she was 10

– Plays approximately 1 hour per day

Sally has always seen herself as a gamer and started fairly early on in her life. She has around 11 years of gaming experience and still play approximately 1 hour each day. For this cycle we wanted to make a game that could be enjoyed in short spurts as Sally doesn’t sit down and play hours for hours on end.



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