Paul Dalgety Reflection

Professional Development:

Since starting this semester I was reasonably confident in my abilities to produce simple code to get my ideas across and my main focus was on designing aspects of the game that would be fun. I would think this would have a larger focus on the bounds of a game and the rules. Since the first cycle I am finding myself more confident in my coding abilities in a larger scale project. I’m starting to research into different ways to code something, which I previously wasn’t overly interested in. There were some frustrations during this development cycle, some of which I wasn’t able to fix in the time that I allocated myself and others I was concerned I may ruin some aspects of my code by filling it with unimportant code.  The game is by no means perfect but overall the result something I can be proud of, overcoming some obstacles that I would have previously been stumped by.

Other Course Majors:

This cycle really gave me some clarity on the importance of other majors work in these projects. Trying my hand at some of the animation and modelling in blender made me see the amount of work that goes into the simplest things and gave me a huge appreciation for the asset store. The intricacy of the coding major and how much more I have to learn about it was evident to me in this cycle and I was really glad to be able to talk to my group members about everything, the outside perspective even just fixing something small felt really good.

What I Found To Be Most Satisfying:

I think the most satisfying element for me was being able to think of a layout of a map that the player can use to their advantage if they put thought into it. I’ve always been into game like Zelda and the puzzle solving type of games, finding hidden things in a game. It is very hard to implement those game aspects into and FPS such as the one that was made. For me personally I was really happy with the layout of the map.

Ethical Issues Of First Person Experience Inspired Events:

I feel like there is a fine line in these sorts of games based on recent events. The problem to me was very clear from the beginning of the cycle. We were immediately made aware of the prohibition of political games. My first thought was a Trump game. I think with these real events based games you are always walking on a thin line and through the development process you can become oblivious to the impact that parts of a game you think are fine can have on someone else. There have been so many tragedies in recent years and even months of drunken fights and young people dying because of a night out. It can be hard to make a distinction between acceptable and unacceptable in these cycles but it is a line I felt myself being dragged along.


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