Joel Aldridge Cycle 2 Reflection

This cycle gave me much more to reflect on that the previous game.

Professional development:

I feel for this game my professional development has slowed since the last project. The quality of my coding skill has increased and I have learned a lot about game design, mainly the fact that no part is too hard it is simply the fact that to get a good result you need every aspect to be worked on by a separate specialist. The problem I had with this game is that while the game worked I was not happy with the outcome as in the end I found many little things that annoyed me with the game but were bound to other elements and therefore being too difficult to remove. I suppose it is logical for a larger scale project to have this but for the next game I will try to polish and be happy with each part before progressing. I also noticed with this project my computer struggling to run the game as it became more complex and should look into investing in a better computer as I wish to continue in game design and programming into the future.

other majors:

A major take away from working on the first-person game was the importance of the different majors. Before this project I didn’t think of the majors as all that different but after trying my hand at 3d animation and modelling I now understand that each major is distinct and important. The game design major is important as they create the hooks for the audience to come back and create the core of the enjoyment of the game while the animators visualise these elements and ensure the animations and characters look as they do in the team’s vision, Finally the programmer works more behind the scenes connecting everything together to make it work. All the majors are important for a game to feel full and not like a prototype.

Most satisfying element:

The most satisfying element in this project for me was a small feature I implemented into my game where the player can in some circumstances jump over the instakill car that drives down the street. I wanted to create something like this because personally some of the most memorable moments in games come from the player attempting and succeeding at a creative solution that they don’t expect to work and I wanted to be able to bring that feeling into my own games.

Ethical issues of First person game based on real events

I feel that there is a major ethical concern with this game in both the task given and our teams interpretation of it. Creating a game based on a news story can be quite problematic as the news generally reports more on bad news and making a game from bad news is difficult to pull of without feeling insenstive. I felt this in our game particularly as more features were implemented and attempted to push away from the initial news story of a drunken fight outside of a kebab store to be more respectful to the saddening cases of people who are killed in random drunken attacks by shifting the story away from fighting people to fighting clones. Next game I intend to look more at what my game is saying even if it is unintentionally saying it.


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