Cycle 2, Activity 7: Playtesting – Paul Dalgety

For the playtesting, I used 2 of the same people from the previous cycle and a newcomer who is an avid gamer. I prefer having the outside opinions of other people when doing the testing but they still need to have an interest in the topic. I think having such different testers give more perspective in the design and you can create a better overall game. I’m happy with the results of the playtest and the changes that incurred based on the answers received.

My form of play test analysis was supervising them playing the game and during their time playing I took notes based on 3 important categories.

  • Usability of controls.
  • How long they were alive/what their score was.
  • What they enjoyed about the game/ what they would change.

After observing the players navigate through the game I made conclusions based on the data from the playtest sessions and thought about how the player would want the changes implemented.

Improvements made based on play test sessions:

  1. Spawn rates of the enemies, this took a while to get right and I had to take into consideration the spawn points as well as the rates. It was a delicate balance but happy with the result.
  2. Jumping height was altered a few times to try and find a nice balance.
  3. Audio levels were a very large improvement on the playability, it was far too loud originally and was almost deafening, I found a nice balance of sound levels for music and in game audio.
  4. Adding more enemies was a very important change that came from the playtesting, originally it was too easy because it was easy to run away from the few enemies that appeared.

Below is a link to the playtest session documents.

Playtest 1

Playtest 2

Playtest 3



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