Cycle 2, Activity 2: Game Look and Feel – Paul Dalgety

The visuals intended for our game would best be described as cartoonish, with simple colours. The aim was to let the player focus more on the task than the surroundings.

The mood for our game is intended to be fast paced and intense.

Below are some examples of images that we will use as inspiration for art style and colour pallete.

Now will be discussed the details of the “Look and Feel” aspects in the game:

Dimensions: Our game will make use of a 3d world, for this cycle having a 2d games would only prove to lessen the experience in our opinion. For fps, the most relevant dimensions of the x y and z plane allow the player a better depth of field and understanding of the surrounding area.

Game Boundaries: The game boundaries for this game are obviously defined upon entry into the game. There will be walls that are obviously too high for the player to get out of and this is the boundary set in the game.

Scale: The sheer scale of objects in our game was not of a great concern particularly because we aren’t trying to make a super realistic game. The main things that scale was focused for were the buildings and making sure the skybox felt realistic enough to create some immersion. We wanted the enemies to feel overwhelming so the enemies were made to be larger than the player. This was intended to create the feeling of being loomed over.

Setting: The setting for our game is on the street, there is a fight with the kebab shop owner and you must dish out the justice that he has coming to him by laying him down with some lead. There are multiple spawns of the enemy to create an almost wave like system. The game is controlled with a timer so the round doesn’t go on forever.

Characters: There are no dedicated characters for the person playing connect with. The camera is in a first person view so all they see a small amount of the body. The kebab shop owner is obvious and the only other character on the arena style map.

Behaviour: The player has full control of their own actions, shooting, running and walking. The player has no control over the actions of the enemy, the enemies will avoid obstacles trying to get to the player and will target the player and v line for their position.

Sound: The sound is very basic outside of the shooting sounds. It is more of an ambience scene with gunshot sounds.

This activity describes what we would like our game to eventuate into, not necessarily the result. Creative differences between studio members allow for differences to sound, scale, and character interaction.



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