Paul Dalgety Reflection

Professional Development and Practice:

So far I have been assured by this experience that game design is something that I want to be doing full time. The development side of the design has shown me that I really enjoy getting over the hurdle of problem solving and seeing an end result that I’m happy with. Even though there are thing in the game that with more time I would have liked to implement, for example audio, I’m still proud of the result. It is disappointing though because in my memories of games the ambient noises and sounds have always been a big part of why I play the game. I’m hoping that for this cycle 1 that the lack of audio doesn’t punish the game for the unique gameplay style that was implemented.

Working in a team:

I personally found that working in a team even though the assessment is individual was a very productive way of working. I found myself throwing my ideas on the table and discussing them with not only my own studio members but the members in studio 12 as well. The only fallback to this was some communicative errors which affected the clarity of the game idea when people walked away from the table. Overall though the experience of working with my studio members was a pleasant one.

Working independently:

For this particular assignment, I think working individually definitely has drawbacks but also advantages. Some of the advantages were that you aren’t giving up your creative integrity by compromising with features that you want to implement into your game with others. At the same time that’s one of its faults. All of my ideas are not necessarily good ones and for that I think that game could suffer in design choices. One of the other disadvantages of working individually was also the work load of producing a game by yourself. With the time constraints, I don’t feel like I put everything that I wanted to into my game. Cycle 2 will implement more of the features I wanted to in cycle 1.

Ethical Considerations:

During this first cycle I think I put some of the features on a pedestal and some of the what I thought to be “lesser” features never made it into the game. I may have overestimated how much time there really was to do this game from start to finish. The core functionality is still reminiscent to the space invaders inspiration but there’s some obvious flaws missing such as the audio.

For future cycles I think I will endeavour to implement more of the features that I planned on in cycle 1 and also with more proficiency in the program will use asset store more and possibly venture into creating my own assets.


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