Cycle 1 Activity 7: Paul Dalgety – Play Testing

Due to some time constraints I was not able to test the game during the weekly practical with the studio group, I had to look for other people to test the game with. I used the data that I had collected from the play test sessions with the chosen people to make small improvements to my game. With more time and further design I believe a better end result would be vastly more achievable, but with the time we had I’m happy with the end result of my game especially after the play test changes.

My form of play test analysis was supervising them playing the game and during their time playing I took notes based on 3 important categories.

  • Usability of controls.
  • How long they were alive/what their score was.
  • What they enjoyed about the game/ what they would change.

The first two points are observatory and then after the session I asked them the question in relation to the last point.

Improvements made based on play test sessions:

  1. Player movement speed was the first problem identified in the game. Initially the player ship was too fast and this made it very easy to navigate past enemy bullets.
  2. Enemy spawn rates were too fast and there was time added between each spawn timer for the three enemies.
  3. Player controls were changed, initially the movement was done with “A” and “D” then shooting done with “Space” “Q” and “E”. I later changed this to using the left and right arrows to move, and the “Q” “W” “E” were now used to fire. This was done because it allowed ease of use in the controls.
  4. Enemy ship movement speeds were changed as well, the fastest enemy shipped now had a movement speed slightly under that of the player controlled ship.

Below is a link to the play test sessions documents.

Play Test 1

Play Test 2

Play Test 3


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