Cycle 1 Activity 4: Paul Dalgety – Interactivity and Choice

The aim of this activity was identifying challenges that the player would be presented with in the game and interpret the way in which the player would handle those challenges, and the visual responses the player would receive as a result of those choices and actions available to them.

Interactivity Choice ChartInteractivityChoiceChart

Diagram above shows the challenges and choices intended for the player to make.

Our player experience goals from activity 1 were to make the player analyse and think about what they are doing in the game in order to be successful. I think that over the weeks of design and the activities in classes we have been able to stick to that. The above challenges are based on the sketches and thoughts for our game so far. There may be variances between each of the studio members games as to what extent they decide to implement these ideas but this is the basis for our design thus far.

The biggest challenge for the player is that they avoid shots by enemy ships, this is a pretty basic function as far as SHMUP games go but it was identified as the most important. This first challenge ties in with two of the other challenges being, “Interpret enemy ship movements” and “Analyse strategic targets.”. These challenges are based around the idea that is a damage increase to be alive. You can’t do damage when you’re dead. The challenges with the design of the game also present some interesting choices for the player though. In our particular game we decided for enemies to spawn with a colour and those colours correlate to a weapon colour on the player ship. For enemies to be destroyed by players they must analyse where the can attack from and then select the right colour to attack with. This requires the player to make quick decisions and still be analytical staying true to the PX goals set out in activity 1.

The other player challenges are based around actually doing damage. We feel that these challenges are the bread and butter of a “space invaders” inspired SHMUP. In keeping with our PX goals we wanted the player to need to analyse when would be the best time to attack. This comes in the form of enemy movement patterns and shooting fire rates. Now this requires good timing and analysing of when would be the optimal time to attack.

We feel as a studio that this is a very exciting idea for a game and creates the PX goals we set out to achieve.



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