Joel Aldridge reflections

Working in a team:

Within our workshop we worked well together quickly coming to unified goals and visions of the task and our games. However as a team we did not communicate enough with regards to our game projects which has led to variations based on which elements from our workshop discussions we chose to prioritise. This should be improved in the next cycle by showing each other imagery, video or gameplay of or projects during the workshops so we can confirm we shared the same understanding of the workshop content.

Working independently:

Working independently provided both assistance’s and challenges for this project. It meant that I could do quick research and based on this personal learning implement ideas discussed in the workshop in interesting ways which kept me motivated to continue extending the project.

Conversely I felt  I over relied on the blackboard tutorials without attempting to understand and interpret what was being done, an ineffective work habit for future endeavors. Most of my code was based on adapting the blackboard tutorials to fit the ideas found in my personal research rather than understanding and building every element from the ground up.

Ethical considerations:

In this game I feel I was too cautious with regards to asset use which results in a negative social impact by leaving the player with lower quality assets. I opted to only use assets I created myself which guaranteed no ethical considerations of using someone else’s assets but also in retrospect hindered the game by limiting the quality of the assets, despite fitting well to the workshop discussion on visuals. In the next cycle I will try to maintain a better balance of self-designed and professional assets.

It is also worth exploring innovative extensions to the core gameplay of the game as currently it is not hugely replayable and is close in core design to other games on the market such as “space invaders” which would result in a negative social impact for both myself and the other games if it was released.

Professional development and practice

The lack of audio within my game is a major professional failure. I feel I left the implementation of audio to late into the project. Because of this the gameplay had evolved to a stage where audio was difficult to implement. sound linked to any in game events quickly became tiresome due to the frequency of event triggers (or made no logical sense when only attached to some trigger events) and detracted from the player experience. In future cycles, I intend to consider audio early in the project to ensure it is well implemented.

My use of the unity workspace and code management in this project was also below standard of professional game design. I followed the bad design practise of working towards the quickest result. This meant my code was left in unreadable blocks with no explanations provided for any other designer who may look at the project. My use of the unity folder structure was also poor resulting in it being difficult to find elements unless you know where I put them. This can be rectified in future cycles and any future game design by keeping code and folders maintained on a weekly basis.


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