Cycle 1 Activity 7: Joel Aldridge play testing

For this cycle I decided to test my game with people outside of our studio as I worked tweaking parts of the game until very late in the cycle to ensure the play test version of the game was the best it could possibly be.

I collected information by watching and taking notes as the player played the game and after the session asking 3 questions:

1) what did you like about the game
2) what didn’t you like about the game
3) What elements of the game could be improved

(The 3 documents of notes I created from the play tests can be found here, here and here)

Adjusting the spawn rate of enemies so it becomes more challenging by having different enemies spawn at much different rates – Implemented
Adjust enemy colour changing rates – implemented
Add sound effects and improve the visuals – This improvement was not implemented as sound effects became frustrating based on the speed of events triggering them and upon trying to improve the visuals the improvement in quality was much less than the time to improve them.
Adjust weapon cycling time – implemented
clearer display of rules / controls – implemented
Show player health – partially implemented, added a “doom” style bar displaying when health is high, mid or low with an appropriate facial expression to keep the user interface from being too cluttered.
Over reliance on space bar – not implemented as no solution was apparent that would not simply over rely on another button


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